Public Employee PERS Tax: Unfair, Illegal and Ill-conceived

Top Problems with Governor Brown’s “Shared Responsibility” proposal

Governor Kate Brown’s proposal to cut public employee retirements has serious legal and fairness issues. This proposal would implement a new tax on current working public employees - either taken out of salary or retirement benefits - to pay the state’s high legacy costs for people already retired. In addition, this proposal puts public employees on the hook for future market downturns. Her plan is deeply problematic for the following reasons:


It’s back to school for support professionals

Every school and college support staffer who belongs to the AFT knows they’re in this line of work for their students, for each other and for their communities.

It stands to reason. They love the work. They are devoted to their students, fighting for resources that will help young people and communities thrive. They have each other’s backs. And they’re sticking with their union, which provides supports like professional development, as well as collective bargaining tools, free lesson plans and sources for books and supplies.

Meet the 2018 Candidates who Share our Values


Each election cycle, members of the AFT-Oregon Political and Legislative Affairs Committee (PLAC) analyze voting records on key AFT-Oregon issues, review completed candidate questionnaires, conduct personal interviews, coordinate with other public sector unions, and perform other rigorous analyses of candidates and their campaigns.