2018 Ballot Measure Briefing: What this Year’s Measures Could Mean for You and Your Family

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It’s official: there will be five statewide measures appearing on your ballot this fall. Each one could have a serious impact on your job, your family, and your community. Members of the AFT-Oregon Political and Legislative Affairs Committee spent several weeks studying the measures, listening to arguments and analysis, and assessing the potential impacts on our members. Here’s a look at each measure and what your fellow members recommend.

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Measure 102 and Regional Measure 26-199

Details: Measure 102 is a constitutional amendment would make affordable housing bond dollars go farther by allowing local governments to partner with non-profit and private housing providers. It was referred to voters on a bipartisan vote of the Oregon Legislature. Regional Measure 26-199 is a Portland-area regional bond that will make it possible to build new affordable homes, and renovate and preserve currently affordable homes for those in need of safe, stable housing.
How will this impact AFT-Oregon Members? Across the state, AFT-Oregon members are struggling with a shortage of adequate, affordable housing – especially our K-12 paraprofessionals, graduate educators, and part-time faculty. These measures will make it easier for local governments to raise money for affordable housing and also provide bond funding for affordable housing for families in Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah Counties. 
AFT-Oregon Member Recommendation: Yes for Affordable Housing

Measure 103
Details: Amends the Oregon Constitution to prohibit taxes/fees based on transactions for “groceries” enacted or amended after September 2017.
How will this impact AFT-Oregon Members? Constitutional Amendment 103 is an unnecessary and risky change to Oregon’s constitution that would permanently carve out a wide range of transactions from any taxes or fees. These carve outs could lead to a state budget crisis, resulting in even less funding for higher education and K-12 in Oregon. Supporters claim it’s meant to keep groceries tax free, but that’s misleading - there is no current tax on groceries. The measure is so poorly written that it would disrupt things like bottle deposit fees, fuel taxes for road repairs, and Medicaid funding.  
AFT-Oregon Member Recommendation: No on Measure 103

Measure 104
Details: Amends the Oregon Constitution to expand the requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue.
How will this impact AFT-Oregon Members? Constitutional Amendment 104 is an unnecessary constitutional amendment. There is already a supermajority requirement for tax increases in Oregon. Making this change would jeopardize funding for education, health care, and other vital services. Our constitution should only be changed when there is a clear and urgent problem. Expanding this requirement would also make it harder for the legislature to close wasteful tax loopholes that benefit big corporations and special interests. 
AFT-Oregon Member Recommendation: No on Measure 104

Measure 105

Details: Repeals law limiting use of state/local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws.
How will this impact AFT-Oregon Members? At the last two AFT-Oregon Convention’s members spoke loud and clear: we stand with the immigrant community against hate and profiling. Immigrants are part of our families, communities, workplaces, and our union. If Measure 105 passes, it could open the door to racial profiling and families being torn apart, simply because someone is perceived to be an undocumented immigrant. Oregon’s current law provides clear guidance to local law enforcement officers on how to handle complicated immigration issues. It creates a bright line that says local police should be focused on solving local problems. Measure 105 would erase this clarity, roll back a bipartisan law, and open the door to local resources being used in federal immigration matters.  
AFT-Oregon Member Recommendation: No on Measure 105

Measure 106
Details: Amends the Oregon Constitution to prohibit spending “public funds” directly/indirectly for “abortion” and reduces abortion access.
How will this impact AFT-Oregon Members? Measure 106 sets a dangerous precedent of cherry picking which medical procedures will or will not be covered by public insurance and it would interfere with the bargained health care benefits you and your local union have worked so hard to achieve – often in lieu of an increase in wages. If Measure 106 passes, public service members would no longer be eligible for abortion coverage as part of their public employee benefits plan or through their Medicaid plan. 
AFT-Oregon Member Recommendation: No on Measure 106