Portland State University Graduate Employees Union Is Certified

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New Union Becomes Third Graduate Employees Union in Oregon’s University System
JUNE 2, 2016
Andrew Gorry, andrewg@aft-oregon.org, 971-888-5665
Jim Bakken, AAUP, jbakken@aaup.org, 503-400-1295
PORTLAND, OR—The Graduate Employees Union, jointly affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and the American Association of University Professors, announced today that it is now certified to represent all graduate assistants at Portland State University.
The state Employment Relations Board certified the union this week, nearly a month after the union filed authorization cards signed by an overwhelming majority of PSU graduate assistants. The Graduate Employees Union will now represent approximately 800 graduate administrative assistants, graduate research assistants and graduate teaching assistants.  
The GEU joins two other unions representing graduate employees in Oregon, both affiliated with the AFT—the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, Local 3544, AFT-Oregon, at the University of Oregon, and the Coalition of Graduate Employees, Local 6069, AFT-Oregon, at Oregon State University.
“This is a huge achievement. It is the culmination of many years of hard work by current and former graduate employees at PSU. We look forward to negotiating a fair contract that resolves serious issues with our jobs. These are barriers that prevent us from doing our best work for the university,” said Jennifer Muthanna, a graduate research assistant in the School of Social Work.
“Across the country, graduate employees like those at Portland State University are fighting for a union to ensure that they have voice on the job and fair compensation for their work,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten. “We’re thrilled to welcome the PSU graduate employees to the AFT family and excited to further expand our collaboration with AAUP to bring voice and dignity to higher education.”
Learn more:
Graduate Employees Union:  http://www.pdxgeu.org/
AFT-Oregon:  http://or.aft.org/
AAUP-Oregon:  http://www.aauporegon.org/