Recent Local Bargaining Highlights

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Coalition of Graduate Employees at Oregon State University

On June 11, 2020, after a grueling 16.5 hour marathon Zoom bargaining session, CGE and OSU came to a Tentative Agreement (TA) on their entire Collective Bargaining Agreement. OSU admin agreed to improvements in existing language nearly across the board and the addition of fundamentally new and groundbreaking language too. CGE's wins from the final session include the retention of COLA language during a pandemic, increases to the minimum FTE, expanded gender-neutral restroom and locker-room access, paid family leave, stronger protections against discrimination and harassment, a University-administered hardship fund, and more! The TA was later overwhelmingly approved!

United Academics of Oregon State University

Faculty at Oregon State University have agreed to terms on a historic first union contract, at a time of unprecedented challenges to higher education. The faculty union, United Academics of Oregon State University, inked a tentative agreement May 28, covering 2,200 workers, to strengthen their campus through the power of collective action. [MORE]

Associated Academic Professionals of Eastern Oregon University, AFT Local 6200

After two lengthy mediation sessions in February 2020, AAP reached a tentative agreement with Eastern Oregon University. Highlights include faculty getting a 4% COLA in year 1, 2.75% in year 2, and 2% in year 3, plus a 1% step increase each year. There were also increases in overload compensation and a flat rate of $31 per hour for all non-teaching duties assigned over the summer session. 

Portland Community College Federation of Classified Employees, AFT Local 3922

After nearly a year of negotiations, PCCFCE reached an agreement with PCC in December 2019. On the verge of mediation, an agreement was reached after a bargaining session that stretched long into the evening. Among many other benefits, PCCFCE employees negotiated a four-year contract with salary increases of 30% (for those not on the top step). PCCFCE employess also reached parity with other employee groups in several key areas. 

Portland Community College Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals, AFT Local 2277

Also after nearly a year of negotiations, PCCFFAP reached an agreement with PCC in December 2019. Salary increases of up to 18% over four years were gained for Faculty and Academic Professionals. In addition, step compression helped increase the rate of pay for employees on the lower steps. 

Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, AFT Local 3544

On the verge of a strike slated to commence Monday,  November 4th, GTFF reached a tentative agreement with UO administration on October 29th. The agreement preserves the structure of the GTFF Health and Welfare Trust and graduate employees will see a 3% minimum increase to salary levels every year of the contract and, at least, 1.4% salary increases for graduate employees above the minimum salary levels. Every graduate employee will receive an increase. See a summary of the agreement to read more.

Willamette Valley Child Care Federation, AFT Local 3432

On Tuesday, August 6 the union reached tentative agreement on a new contract with the Fruit & Flower daycare center. The four-year agreement contains pay increases averaging 5% per year. In an effort to boost employee retention, management introduced longevity pay, so all bargaining unit members will receive an annual bonus ranging from $100 to $2,000 depending on their years of service. The health care coverage remained status quo.

There were also a number of positive language changes, with the most significant being a re-write of the disciplinary article. The new discipline language is much clearer and the article now has a just cause provision. The ratification vote will occur on September 4.

Lane Community College Employees Federation,  AFT Local 2417

On August 8, after long and contentious bargaining over an economic reopener, the union ratified its agreement with the college on a deal that moves the classified employee bargaining unit into the Oregon Employee Benefits Board (OEBB). The previous insurance provider was quoting premium increases as high as 18% for 2020, so the change to OEBB will avoid what would have been a budget-breaking increase for many workers.

As a result of the move to OEBB, employees will receive a 1.75% pay increase, which reflects the college’s savings under the new plan. Employees will receive an additional 1% increase as a cost of living adjustment (COLA).

Lewis & Clark College Support Staff Association, AFT Local 4912

Also on August 8, the union ratified a successor agreement, winning their best COLA in years. The first year’s COLA increase is 3%, while the following two years will match the Consumer Price Index, plus .25%, with a minimum increase of 3% and a maximum of 5%. This creates a degree of compensation parity between the classified staff represented by AFT and those represented by the Teamsters.

Management initially proposed take-aways during negotiations, including an increase to the employee share of health insurance premiums, increasing the cost of employee parking permits and decreasing the retirement contribution. However, the union bargaining team managed to get the pay increase without making any sacrifices in these areas.

In addition, Campus Security Officers, who had been under an independent contract, were folded into the main bargaining unit and there were important gains made in language regarding the reclassification process and the grievance procedure.

Portland Federation of School Professionals, AFT Local 111

The union is in the process of ratifiying a 2 year contract that includes: a 3% cost of living increase on July 1st for each year, one salary step if eligible, $500 longevity stipend to those with 5 years consecutive PPS employment and 3 years at the top step, second language stipend of 5% if it is part of your regular duties, new language for initial salary placement, new language for professional growth for degrees earned after employment.

Oregon Coast Community College, AFT Local 6020

Oregon Coast CC Classified contract was ratified in July 2019. Highlights include a 2% increase to all steps in both '19-'20, and each employee received a two step advancement as of July 1, 2019. With steps and adjustments, most employees will see a pay increase of over 10% between now and '20-'21. They received an additional personal day giving them a total of 2 (16 hours), double-time pay if an employee agrees to work during holidays, and ensuring a full 10 hours pay for the 4th of July holiday (the employees work 4 - 10 hour days during the summer months). Also added language clarifying and ensuring holiday pay and compensatory time for part time employees.

Southwestern Oregon Community College, AFT Local 3190

Southwestern Oregon CC Faculty contract was ratified in May 2019. The faculty received significant increases to faculty salary with both COLA and step increases over the life of the contract with the creation of a new step system designed to increase the top salary for highly qualified and long-term faculty. Most faculty will see their individual salary increase 25% or more over 5 years. The faculty also received increases to health care contributions consistent with other employees on campus, updated language ensuring guaranteed transition for visiting faculty into tenure line positions after 2 years, and improvements to the system of evaluations to ensure fair procedures and ample administrative support for faculty.