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About Us

AFT-Oregon Staff

The numerous programs and activities of AFT-Oregon are implemented by staff. Staff work is organized reflecting both programs and functional needs of the organization.


AFT-Oregon Executive Council

AFT-Oregon's executive council is made up of the President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President Political Action and ten vice presidents.


About AFT-Oregon

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Chartered in 1952, AFT-Oregon, a state affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, is a non-profit organization representing some 15,000 Oregon workers in K-12, community college and higher education in faculty and classified positions; and child care workers, in both public and private sectors. AFT-Oregon, in coalition with other unions and community groups, advocates for quality education and health care for all Oregonians, and gives working people a voice in our state’s capitol. AFT-Oregon has participated in the passage of legislation with improvements in many areas important to Oregonians, including: Minimum wage; Patient Protection; The Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act; Education reform and funding; and Workers Compensation.