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Local 111 organizes more than 111!

Portland Federation of School Professionals', local 111, organizing campaign reached an all-time high last week when their new member numbers hit one hundred and eleven - or 111! The same as their Local's number!

They quickly passed that goal, and are now at 118!

They have never had so many new members. All of this has been accomplished in just  six months.  Their hard work is certainly paying off.

Congratulations,  Portland Federation of School Professionals!


Time's limited: Sign up for the Organizing Summit, May 19

Take the day and enjoy this fantastic opportunity to learn more about Oregon AFL-CIO’s collaborative approach to building worker power, discuss best practices, and learn new innovative strategies for successful campaigns.

Oregon AFL-CIO Organizing Summit
May 19, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Vancouver Hilton, Vancouver, WA


Leadership Development Opportunity: Northwest Leadership Forum, July 30 - Aug. 2

AFT Northwest Leadership Forum is a leadership training program, co-sponsored by AFT LEAD Program, AFT-Oregon, AFT Washington, OFNHP, and OSEA. It focuses on subjects essential for development and maintenance of dynamic and effective Locals and the Union as an institution. Come spend a weekend with your union cousins learning new skills to take back to your workplaces.