Member Documents

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2016-2020 Strategic Plan

"Building Sustainable Power: A Strategic Plan for AFT-Oregon" 

2019 Constitution and Bylaws

This documents details the current AFT-Oregon constitution and its bylaws. Last updated May 2019.

AFT-Oregon Convention Summaries

Look up election results, resolutions passed, award recipients and more in our convention summaries.

Health and Safety Grants

Your worksite may be a candidate for a health and safety grant through Oregon OSHA, a division of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, for research and development of a plan to solve a workplace health, safety or ergonomic problem.

Handbook for Officers of AFT-Oregon - 5th Edition

This book is a handy guide for AFT-Oregon officers old and new. This book contains information on organization details, programs and more. Last updated 2013.

AFT Defense Fund Instructions

Funds may be granted to locals whenever there is a legal proceeding before a court, arbitrator or other administrative body that complies with these instructions and satisfies the guidelines on the following page. Learn more by clicking the link above.