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AFT-Oregon Election Recommendations

AFT-Oregon members have worked hard to review the records of, and to interview 2014 election candidates to see where they stand on issues important for our work lives and communities. After an extensive process, AFT-Oregon is pleased to recommend the following candidates to members.


AFT-Oregon tackles student debt and higher ed funding

AFT-Oregon hosted a forum for Local presidents and leaders on June 8, to brainstorm a campaign to resolve how to tackle the student debt crisis and better advocate for post-secondary funding. The forum came in response to a resolution passed at convention calling for development of a plan to tackle these issues.


AFT-Oregon - Our Union Standing Up For...

Quality Education for Oregon Students - As AFT members, we live and work in all educational settings - in the private and public sectors, in classified and faculty positions, from Pre-K to higher education.  We know that a strong economy and vibrant society are dependent on access of students to quality education at levels.  At the state legislature and every election, our members advocate for stable and sufficient funding for educational programs that serve Oregon students of all ages.