Part-Time Faculty Members at Public Colleges May Now Qualify for Healthcare

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Part-Time Faculty Healthcare

During the 2021 regular legislative session, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 551, one of AFT-Oregon’s priority pieces of legislation. This bill makes employee-only healthcare benefits available to qualifying part-time faculty members at public institutions of higher education (both universities and community colleges) – giving them the same coverage opportunities that full-time faculty members receive. 

To qualify for these health insurance benefits, you must have worked at least half of the hours worked by full-time employees (0.5 FTE or higher), for at least three of the four previous academic terms. 

Working at Multiple Colleges or Universities? 

Part-time faculty members who work at multiple public institutions still qualify for these health care benefits, as long the aggregate/combined hours worked between the various institutions totals at least half of full-time (0.5 FTE or higher). Faculty members who work at multiple institutions will be required to select one “home institution” from which to receive their health care benefits – a public institution where the member is currently employed at the time of their application.

Your “home institution” will be responsible for determining your eligibility, as well as your continuing eligibility on a semiannual basis. This institution will also be responsible for collecting any applicable premium payments from the enrolled faculty member, as well as paying the full cost of the premium for its enrolled employees.

This law went into effect on July 19, 2021. If you think you might be eligible, contact your current public employer’s Human Resources Department and ask them for their “Declaration of Home Institution” or similarly named form.