Referendum to be Voted Upon by Members

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Referendum on Hybrid ConventionsOn October 28, 2022, six AFT-Oregon locals submitted a referendum to amend the AFT-Oregon constitution. This webpage has an overview of the proposed amendments, the question to be voted on by our members, and the referendum process. 

The specific changes to the constitution are detailed in the Proposed Constitutional Amendment. The reasons behind the proposed changes are explained in the cover letter written by the six locals. 

The referendum process is described in Article XI of our constitution. For your convenience, the pertinent sections are in this Article XI Summary.

The question to be voted upon by our members is:

Shall the AFT-Oregon constitution be amended to require all conventions to be hybrid events with remote attendance and participation options for 1) delegates to fully participate, and 2) general members to observe?

Per Section 5, November 9, 2022 begins “a period of six weeks during which the proponents and opponents shall be given the opportunity to debate the issue through the regular channels of AFT-Oregon.” 

To participate in this debate, there will be a Zoom meeting for members on Saturday, December 3 from 10 am to 1 pm. Members can also send an email to President Jaime Rodriguez at and the comments will be compiled on our website. 

This period of debate will end on December 21, 2022. The following day, “the president shall send to the individual members of all locals in good standing ballots upon which the members shall cast their votes.”

If you believe you are a member of your AFT-Oregon local, and you haven’t received your ballot by December 23, please contact your local to confirm your membership. Please note that most locals are closed for the holidays, and you may not receive an answer to your inquiry until early January. 

Section 7 states, “The closing date of the referendum shall be thirty (30) days from the date the ballots are mailed from the state office.” Therefore, ballots sent out on December 22 must be returned by January 21, 2023

Section 10 states, “The president shall notify the locals of the results of the referendum as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks following receipt of the count. The president shall also publish the results in the official publication of AFT-Oregon.” Therefore, the results will be announced no later than February 4, 2023.