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About AFT-Oregon

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AFT-Oregon is a state affiliate of the American Federation of TeachersAFL-CIO. Our affiliated local unions represent over 18,000 Oregon workers in K-12, community college and higher education in faculty, academic professional and classified positions, as well as child care workers, in both public and private sectors. AFT-Oregon, in coalition with other unions and community groups, advocates for quality education and health care for all Oregonians, and gives working people a voice in our state’s capitol.

AFT-Oregon has participated in the passage of legislation with improvements in many areas important to Oregonians, including: Part-time Faculty Healthcare, Public Student Loan Forgiveness eligibility; Minimum wage; Patient Protection; The Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act; Education reform and funding; and Workers Compensation.

Our Mission

AFT-Oregon, a labor organization composed of autonomous locals with shared interests will:

  • Provide coordinated advice, resources and education to affiliated locals
  • Be a strong unified voice in the labor movement, civic affairs and political action
  • Continue to bring new members into the labor movement

in order to improve the quality of people’s working and personal lives through commitments to quality education, social justice and a powerful progressive labor movement.

Five Values of AFT

  1. Great neighborhood public schools for every student, in every neighborhood, and high-quality affordable public higher education.
  2. Economic opportunity for every American and the opportunity to advance by joining a union.
  3. Affordable, high-quality healthcare for every American.
  4. Democracy, pluralism and voting rights.
  5. An end to discrimination, hatred and bigotry, to create a more fair and just society for all.

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