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Preparing for Janus v. AFSCME

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned 40 years of precedent by making it illegal for unions of public workers to collect fees from employees who are not members, but are represented in contract negotiations and grievances. This blatantly political case is being pushed by wealthy corporations to (as they say) “defund and defang” working people and make it harder for us to come together in unions. They want to silence our voices—and take away our hard-fought gains on salary, healthcare and retirement.

Where can I access resources for my local union?

AFT has created a password-protected website, AFT All In, to access a comprehensive list of tools, content, and tips to help you fight back against Janus. Visit the website today and sign up for an account. 

What happens next?

This case could cause an immediate impact to the resources we use to protect our interests in the workplace. But we’re staying together in union. Oregon educators know that we are stronger when we join together.

Together in our union, we’ve won better wages, job security, and crucial healthcare benefits, along with increases to paid sick days and vacation. All of this is at stake and would be lost if we allowed our union to weaken. That’s why educators are forming new AFT locals at Portland State University and Oregon State University, while current members are leading efforts to increase workplace power.

How do we build power?

  1. The best tool to build power in our union is to sign a new local membership card today.
  2. Sign up for a local leadership position or training and start talking to your coworkers about the importance of joining in union. AFT locals are member-led, building power in workplaces to achieve better lives for members, our families, our students, and our communities. Consider volunteering for great union programs like First Book and student debt clinics. 
  3. Get engaged in the civic process to ensure that lawmakers respect our rights. Sign up to contribute a few dollars per month to the AFT-Oregon Political Action Fund (PAF), which helps build power by electing pro-worker lawmakers who will protect our hard fought gains on salary, healthcare and retirement. Sign up to lobby a lawmaker or knock on doors for pro-worker candidates.
  4. Stay informed by following AFT-Oregon on Facebook and Twitter and sign up to receive emails from your local union and AFT-Oregon. 
  5. If you see or hear of anti-union efforts from corporate controlled front groups like the "Freedom Foundation" or other anti-worker initiatives like Project Veritas, please contact your local union immediately. Consider reaching out to the Northwest Accountability Project for additional resources and tips. 

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