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AFT-Oregon Executive Council Endorsements

During their November 2021 meeting, the AFT-Oregon Executive Council, on the recommendation of the Political and Legislative Action Committee (PLAC), made the following endorsements. 

Oregon Farmwork Overtime - We can't do Thanksgiving without farmworkers
Image courtesy of PCUN
  • We endorse the efforts of PCUN to pass legislation for Farmworker Overtime (FOT) Pay. California and Washington have already passed FOT legislation and it’s time for Oregon to end the unfair and racist exclusion of farmworkers from overtime pay.
  • We endorse the efforts of Divest Oregon to divest Oregon’s Treasury funds from fossil fuel investments. Fossil fuel investments have underperformed and continue to cause climate chaos and deadly pollution. Oregon should be a leader in the transition to a sustainable future. 
  • We stand with the Indigenous tribes of Oregon to oppose betting terminals at a Grants Pass racetrack. Private casinos are illegal in Oregon and would drain money from the tribes’ legal casinos. 
  • We endorse the campaign to recall Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull, whose hateful and racist comments have no place in our state. 

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