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CGE fundraiser sets new record to assist needy families

Local 6069 (CGE), with help from Local 3544 (GTFF) members raised a record $5555.55 for the Linn-Benton food share this fall at the annual Civil War Brew-Off. CGE organizes and hosts the annual event as a fun way to network with other graduate employees and show-off their beer brewing talents, while benefiting needy families in the area.

OCCC classified staff win first contract

Local 6020 (AFTOCUE): Classified employees at Oregon Coast Community College won their first contract since joining Local 6020 (AFTOCUE) last summer. The new two-year agreement includes two additional salary steps and cost-of-living increases for both years.

Why I joined the union: Tim Burgard, Local 4912 (LCCSSA)

“Joining the union was the only solution,” said Tim Burgard, one of the newest members to the Local 4912 (LCCSSA) bargaining unit of his reason for pursuing union representation for nine the LCC Campus Safety officers, and four dispatchers who work in his department. Despite his longtime union membership in previous careers, this is the first time he has been an active member. After seeing the need to be included in the union, he jumped in with both feet, leading the effort to join Local 4912.

PSU make significant gains in new contract

Local 3571 (PSUFA): After months of difficult negotiations, PSU Adjunct Faculty ratified a new contract with significant increases in benefits.

“Despite claims from management that budget cuts are imminent, we secured a significant raise, as well as increases to our professional development fund, and some important protections for Adjuncts,” said Kelly Cowan, Local 3571 (PSUFA) President.

AFT-Oregon hosts conference to address student debt crisis

AFT-Oregon gathered faculty, students, staff, union and community advocates to brainstorm on ways to help solve the dire problem of rising student debt, as the state continues the trend of disinvestment in Oregon’s public higher education institutions. The session was part of AFT-Oregon’s effort to engage the public and elected leaders in finding a solution to this issue which affects our workplaces, communities and economy.

AFT-Oregon will continue fight to protect members' retirement security

Dear Members,

After slashing PERS benefits by $800-million last spring, Oregon’s legislature has added insult to injury this week by making additional cuts to cost-of-living (COLA) adjustments for PERS retirees in a special session called by Governor Kitzhaber. Overtime, these laws will raid PERS pensions of $4.6 billion in benefits and create a future of uncertainty for seniors who held up their end of the bargain by working hard to provide quality education and other vital public services for our communities.

AFL-CIO Trumka tells delegates the union movement is for ALL workers

Trumka told delegates to the AFL-CIO convention that union workers must join with the millions more who are without representation to build real power and take back America.

"Our job is to create a new working class movement--strong enough to lift all workers in this country," he said. CLICK HERE to view his keynote speech to delegates in September, 2013.

UO faculty ratify first contract

Faculty at the University of Oregon, represented by United Academics, ratified their first contract which included increased job security and an average 11.75 percent in salary increases--a remarkable achievement for a first agreement.