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AFL-CIO Trumka tells delegates the union movement is for ALL workers

Trumka told delegates to the AFL-CIO convention that union workers must join with the millions more who are without representation to build real power and take back America.

"Our job is to create a new working class movement--strong enough to lift all workers in this country," he said. CLICK HERE to view his keynote speech to delegates in September, 2013.

UO faculty ratify first contract

Faculty at the University of Oregon, represented by United Academics, ratified their first contract which included increased job security and an average 11.75 percent in salary increases--a remarkable achievement for a first agreement.

Members were out in force to celebrate Labor Day

AFT-Oregon members joined their local labor councils to celebrate workers in annual labor day picnics. Vickie Brumit, Local 3972 (SWOCCCF) president attended the Coos Bay/North Bend celebration.

“It was wonderful to see our Local members increase their participation by attending this important event,” said Brumit. “We had great music, kids’ games—a good time was had by all. Each year, we also do a food drive at the picnic, and offer a free meal to needy families in the community.”

Rives and Goulard appointed to Higher Ed. Commission

David Rives, AFT-Oregon President was among the nine voting members of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) confirmed by the Senate in September. Frank Goulard, Local 2277 (PCCFFAP) President will serve on the commission as one of five non-voting members.

Community Colleges were added when HECC was re-chartered by the Oregon Legislature in 2013. This addition is significant because they will now be aligned with universities, instead of K-12 schools as they were in the past.

2013 resolutions passed by convention delegates

Resolutions Adopted by Convention


Resolution No. 2013-1

Funding and Sufficient Positions to Handle Reporting Requirements

Whereas, America’s schools are under scrutiny from state education departments, legislatures, and Congress with mandates intended to improve student success; and

2013 AFT NW Leadership Forum offered something for everyone

Over 100 union leaders from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada attended a four-day training on union skills at the third annual AFT Northwest Leadership Forum, July 11-14, in Vancouver, Washington.  AFT-Oregon and AFT Washington developed the event, along with AFT Local 6732 (OSEA) and Local 5017 (OFNHP), to develop skills for leading and building the union. 

2013 Legislative Summary

Public Sector Accountability: HB 3342, the Public Dollars Accountability Act, will keep public employers from spending money to either promote or deter unions in their workplaces, as well as ensuring that our state laws around union organizing are enforced uniformly.

This bill is important since many public employers have hired union-busting law firms and consultants to interfere with their employees’ self-determination in organizing efforts.  

Legislature approves bill to give pay equity for some health care professionals

On the Governor’s desk is House Bill 290B, which gives pay equity to nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The bill, which was a priority for AFT affiliated Oregon Nurses Association, requires private health care insurance companies to reimburse nurse practitioners and physician assistants the same rate when providing identical mental health and primary care services.